The way we work

We firmly believe in the basic tenets of Common Law:

Our journey will start with a very open and honest conversation about your project/ business and what it involves. We want to understand your product/ service and who are your main audience. What are you aims and ambitions?

This first meeting will start the ideas percolating; we will then have a second meeting where we will bring these ideas to focused actions. The outputs will naturally form a core feature set that will become a priority list needed to deliver your goals, and create a good experience for your clients.

We don’t talk technical to you, unless you want to. We talk about the solutions that we will deliver and how you will be able to manage them. Our relationship will be one of trust because your success is our success.

We don’t walk away from our clients either. We understand that communications will always have momentum and therefore change. So we value our ongoing relationship that supports both our evolution.

We all know that the journey ahead will be both amazing and challenging, so the need to support each other is never greater than now.

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Previous Clients

We have worked with numerous high profile clients over the years


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